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You must remember to forget this place

Part of the Af stað! (Go!) show in Iceland's Nordic House, curated by Agnes Ársælsdóttir and Anna Andrea Winther in 2019.

The work consists of nine flags and one photo album, which was placed in the library of the Nordic House.


Some 20 years ago a strong sustained wind blew birch seeds from the east of Iceland to Skeiðarársandur where they took seed.


In 2016 I read a paper from 1984 titled “Reducing the likelihood of future human activities that could affect geologic high-level waste repositories”, about how we could conceivably convey to humans 10.000 years in the future that they should stay away from nuclear waste disposal sites.


Because I read this paper sent me an email in late 2019 about a paper I might be interested in, “A place that you must always remember to forget”. I took the title for my own.

I have 122 pictures of plants on my phone, one of them is of a young birch tree in the Skeiðarársandur birch forest.


I have 9 pictures of a sunbeam hitting a map of Skeiðarársandur.


There are nine flagpoles in front of the Nordic House.

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